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Have you ever imagined your life without water? No, you can’t. Our living planet “earth” was surrounded by water on its three sides. Surviving without water may be possible for some hours. After that, your body may be dried on dehydration, and you will definitely go in search of water. we tested more water bottles and represent the best water bottles for you.

Expressing simply – “water is life “

oz water

Consuming plenty of water has major benefits for the human body such as maintaining a well-hydrated body, Improving the function of the brain, and also helps in weight loss. Consuming a lot of water increases the blood circulation of the human body. Water helps to remove the heat from the body and makes cool. The nutritionist is strongly recommending to take 8 glasses or 6 liters of water per day.

Do you ever know the benefits of consuming 8 glasses of water?

Consuming 8 glasses of water has the following benefits

  • Joints get lubricated
  • It forms saliva and mucus
  • It delivers oxygen throughout the body
  • It boosts skin health and beauty
  • It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues
  • It regulates body temperature
  • Improves the proper function of the digestive system
  • It flushes body waste
  • It helps maintain blood pressure
  • The airways need it
  • It makes minerals and nutrients accessible
  • It prevents kidney damage
  • It boosts performance during exercise
  • Weight loss
  • It reduces the chance of a hangover
  • Helps in proper function of the kidney

In our busy lives, it is impossible to measure and take 8 glasses of water daily. We are either looking for alternatives like carbonated drinks or else forget to drink. Otherwise, we are completely forgetting to hydrate our body and it results in overheating. If the body remains unhydrated many internal organs may get failure.

To get rid of these problems and make your body more hydrated, smart water bottles are introduced among the market for the consumers to avail more in benefits.

Smart water bottles are not only intending to make us drink water, but it also does more to us. They track the consumption and come up with the design to connect with smart wears to remind us to drink more water periodically.

There are so many varieties of best water bottles available in the market. I have analyzed a lot of water bottles and handpicked the top 10 smart water bottles that exist in the market to review.

Some of the important factors to be considered before choosing the water bottle are:


The main aim of preferring smart water bottles is, it tracks your hydration target and guarantees high quality. People are looking for unique features in the products they are consuming. Because they are spending a huge amount, so they are expecting that the product should value for money.


The capacity of the water bottle is available in wide ranges and can be selected according to our hydration goals. Peoples may look for water bottles for a casual walk, dietician may seek for a large quantity of water bottle for weight loss


Durability also a common factor we are looking in a water bottle. People are looking to get a quality water bottle at an affordable cost.

Let’s discuss the common features, pros, and cons of each.

 1.Hydra-Tech water Bottle — The Fitness Partner

reusing plastic bottlesThe first product on our list is the Hydra Smart Water Bottle. This item does not only serve as a thirst remover but also act as an entertainer for us. Do you think what type of entertainment you get from the water bottle?

From the early morning jog or casual walks in the evening, water plays a vital role to keep our body cool and makes your body remain hydrated. Luckily Hydra smart bottle holds up to 600ml of water, which is enough for a few hours of workout at the gym. This model not only designed in the manner to make us hydrated but also to entertain us. The Hydra-Tech Bottle has Bluetooth speakers who can play music from your smart devices such as mobile phones and iPods.

The other most impressive feature in this water bottle is, it has the built-in battery which is rechargeable. We can use this bottle as a power bank also to charge our smart gadgets like a smartphone, iPad, iPhones, etc. This feature reduces the space in carrying power banks and chargers separately.

This bottle also featured with lighting effects with the color white, red and rainbow. The brightness of white light is enough to light up your room during a power cut.

The cool color red, ash and blue make us a refreshing feel even we are tired after a long day at work.

When we are involving ourselves in a treadmill or in lifting weights, reaching a phone to make a call will be a distractive action of our workout. So, the hands-free feature of the Hydra tech bottle allows us to keep on exercising even when we are on calls.

The material of the water bottle was chosen hard enough even for our rough use. A firm clip feature is quite useful to tie it with our belt or backpack. So, this feature makes the portability more convenient.


  •  The smart bottle makes for gym time more fun and engaging with its Bluetooth speaker and charming lighting.
  • The lantern helps to carry out tasks more effectively in darker areas, power cut times. This feature reduces the usage of touch light near the bottles
  • The power bank feature gives an extended battery life of smartphones and smart wears and other electronic gadgets.


  • Tracking the level of water consumption in a day is impossible in this model


  • Neglecting the consumption recommendation capability, the other features are most desirable. The lighting and power bank features of the water bottle make us impressive to consume.
  1.  Sportline Hydra coach Intelligent Water Bottle– The Smart water Bottle for All

we are coming across the common statement that every person should consume eight glasses of water every day. But ryan trahan water bottleit may be inaccurate if you deeply analyzed this statement. Because this factor depends on weight, gender, height and day to day activity of the particular person.

The Hydro coach Intelligent water bottle helps to regulate water consumption needs and provides feedback. As stated already consumption of water was based on the individual weight. So this bottle came up with a feature to know the amount of water to be intake daily to be consumed by entering your weight.

Another most desirable feature is that the monitor settings found on the bottle help to suggest the number of water consumptions as per human classifieds such as an athlete, pregnant women, a worker in a cool office, etc.

More than this the maintenance of this bottle was also quite easy since it was made of the polycarbonate shell. It can be either washed by manually or with a dishwasher.

The unique features seem in this type are average consumption display used to monitor the average intake of water in a day, personal hydration calculator which helps to find our hydration level our body and to regulate it. Soft silicone mouthpiece ensures a comforting sip wherever we are in.

The button control function is the mode, setup, start/stop/reset. It will run and show the result on a 24hrs basis. For example, if we set a target of 50 ounces of water consumption and if they consume only 50% on that, it will indicate that we have only managed 50%.


  • user – friendly- People can easily operate this one. No need to have a special skill to operate
  • comfort for children and old age peoples
  • A Built-in calculator guides us to consume the right quantity of water and calculates the amount of water consumed by us every day
  • This bottle is made using BPA free and doesn’t pose any health risk to the user


  • This Fitbit is more unique.
  • Less compatibility
  • Unable to pair up with similar devices


  • For the people who are more conscious of hydrating their body regularly then it will be the best choice for them. Although the connectivity feature is too low, this water bottle model is more preferable because of its feature consumption display.

3. Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid water Bottole~~The iPhone Smart Water Bottle

cirkul monthly discountDo you have believed in consuming hot water will give you a healthy body? Are you stay focusing on consuming adequate water?  Then this is exclusively for you., for you only.  This model was commonly called as thermo-flask by the users. But the features of this water bottle say that it has much more.

A Smart lid found in the flask ensures smartphone connectivity. Initial setup is needed on your health-related details such as height, weight, gender. Then the bottle will calculate your water intake level.

Your daily hydrations goals can be monitored and maintained easily.

These features are seen already in the past two. What’s new in this? This was designed to determine the temperature of your beverage and indicates the quantity remains.

The double locking system of the lid ensures the safety and protects the spill of water when falling accidentally.

The USB feature allows you to charge gadgets like smartphones, iPad, iPhone, and Bluetooth sync also available. By this, you can link your gadgets easily.


  • The higher range of connectivity
  • Battery backup up to 12 hrs.
  • Hydration calculator is an added advantage


  • Only computable with iOS 7 and later


  • People who want to achieve hydration goals can have this without a second choice.

 4.H20 Pal Hydration Tracker -Best outdoor fit.   

Does every doctor advise you to drink lots of water to eliminate your belly stomach?

Then it is especially for you.

We all know water is the cheapest diet food and be intake to remove toxins from our body. Not only this. Hydrating bisleri water companythe body has several effects such as controlling diabetes, free from constipation, headache, etc.

The convenient curved design made easy for free and casual use; the silicone sleeve is a special additional grip that resists from moving out of hand.

The tracking device also found like other designs, but the device is located at the bottom.

The iOS device syncs with the H20 pal hydration tracker sensor to calculate your hydration targets.

Let me explain the other features too,

The container was designed to maintain the fresh taste of water forever and keeps the odor smell away. Although some experts suggest avoiding using carbonated drinks in it. The removable base or sensor can be used with other bottles without affecting our hydration goals.


  • Weight and Height changes are alerted by calculating the hydration target.
  • The app is more user-friendly
  • The tracker of the bottle can be used with other containers


  • The connectivity feature is available only for iOS. But the manufacturers are trying to improve the connectivity feature to android also.
  • High in cost


  • From fitness to the workplace it is most convenient in many places. The unique advantage is it can be easily connected with other bottles to improve the capacity and provides consistent consumption tracking.
  • The extension can be attached to this bottle, to get a bigger one. On seeing this special feature this model is strongly recommendable.
  1. Pyrus 320 ml Smart Cup– The Budget Smart Water Bottle

 evian bottleSmart water bottles are designed to make the people lead a healthy life by serves as a tool to reach their hydration goals easily. The quantity level of 250 ml makes the bottle compact and more convenient for travel. This bottle is a unique product for the people who wants to carry hot or cold products based on weather conditions.

This model was designed with a timer function at the bottom to keep alarmed which reminds as to drink water periodically. The insulation coating ensures the bottle to keep the hot water as hot and cold water as cold.

More common similar features found in this area

Intelligent senses technology: Helps to achieve the fixed hydration level

The LED screen display: This screen is fixed at the bottom of the screen to alert us by the timer function to maintain our hydration goals.

2*AAA Batteries: This battery is an alternative for charging and replaceable od battery need when running out.

Pros :

  • Simple in use
  • Alters when to take more water
  • Safe food-grade material
  • It allows the liquid temperature to remain as it is for a prolonged period.

Cons :

  • The capacity of the bottle is low
  • It was limited to 250 ml
  • Often refill is required

Verdict :

  • Even though it was coming up with a thermos flask design, it fails to attract the youngsters since it lacks features such as Bluetooth, microphone, etc. But even though it tops in rank by its prize, and its thermosetting option to keep water hot or cold for a prolonged period. Peoples who prefer a bottle of cheap price can opt for this.

6. Moikit Cuptime2– Designed for Style

Are you a young college-goer? We have a beauty secret holder that was exclusively designed for you. Moikit has its Moikit Cuptime2name due to its high standard quality and high customer value. The material of Moikit cup time 2 was made more eco-friendly. The material was specially made up of BPA- Free plastic. This design preserves the user’s health to an extent. Even though the usage period id day or night, the climate is dry or wet the properties of the water remain unchanged

Many types of research spend many years to make this special design. This design increases special attire to the room where it was kept.

The most majestic feature of this model was it provides a healthy drinking plan based on your BMI, activity level and room temperature.  This bottle helps you to remain hydrated throughout the day. The alarm functions help you to take a drink as scheduled by its beep sound.

Let’s go deep on its features

An Accurate temperature sensor:

This bottle acts as a temperature sensor to sense the room temperature to make you take more water during the high temperature and to avoid the intake of too much water during the lower temperature.

Connects with all fitness devices:

Able to connect with lots of all the fitness device to get alerts easily to remain hydrated throughout the day.

The wireless charging ring:

This feature is one step ahead of bottle design, ie providing wireless charging experience. This device assures a fast and reliable charger than the cord one.


  • Smartphone compatible
  • Compatible with most of the commonly used operating systems like Android and iOS.
  • The attractive design makes a feel to carry wherever we go including the official meets to meet out our unique hydration goals.


  • Expensive in E- Retail sites such as Amazon, Flipkart.
  • The cost of the product is justified by its quality and high customer value.


  • Most suitable for health-conscious people and fitness trainer. I can strongly recommend the product to buy without any second taught.
  1. Homecube 40ml Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup/ Water Bottle– Simple but Effective

Do you want to have to lovely sip with your partner? Then you must grab it for that. This bottle has designed with long battery life, nearly up to 14 hrs.  This was specially designed to attract the couples to chill out with greater Homecube 40ml Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup/ Bottleromance with this one.

The non – toxic materials are used to designed this couple bottle to ensure a healthy life for a whole family. This bottle is also well suitable to carry both hot water and cold water and stay with the temperature constantly for a prolonged period.

Now let us talk on the incredible features of this model

Batteries to power the sensor: The batteries of other water bottles require a charge at least in a day, but this model was made to hold the design more than 60 days of time.

Colors to cover: This bottle is coming up with a cool attractive color. The availability of pink color attracts many young girls to consume.

The temperature sensor: The radiant temperature sensor is located at the handle along with the remote sensor. This makes you alert and saves your mouth from getting too hot by its sensor.


  • Easy to operate by remote buttons
  • This model was not only designed to carry the water, but also hot beverages like tea and coffee.
  • Excellent battery backup makes use to travel a lot with a great comfort


  • Unable to pair with Bluetooth and another fitness device like Fitbit.
  • Lacks in connectivity feature.

Verdict :

                        The features such as temperature sensor, and long battery back-up added a great advantage for the user to consume this model, but some of the features seem to be missing such as Bluetooth connectivity which is found in other models such as Moikit Cuptime 2. Apart from this, I can strongly recommend this for use for those who need great storage at a comfort budget.

  1. The Hydrate Spark he Hydrate Spark– The All-Purpose Smart Water Bottle

          Water is an essential thing for all humans. We can’t simply neglect this like anything. This water bottle was designed to justify its name Hydrate spark. The frequent spark will be made by alerts as an alarm, messages, notification, etc., to you to remember to drink more water in a constant interval of time. This feature aims to keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

The main feature of the bottle to make stand out of our unique from the regular one was the hydration tracker. This cares about the health of your body extremely and alerts you to keep your body hydrated.

Pleasant color always gives a charming mind, A sound color for a sound mind. This mode was introduced with six vibrant colors such a white, pink, blue, green, black, or purple to make more attractive in usage and handling.

Hydrant spark app is quite interesting because of efficient operation with low energy – Bluetooth of the bottle’s hydration tracker. This water bottle has high smart compatibility with android, iOS devices. Not only this is also compatible with Fitbit, Map my fitness and under armor record.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of elaborately.


  • Convenient to synchronize with most of the devices easily including a fitness band
  • The sleek design of the bottles provides more comfort to handle easily
  • The impressive look by its color made you have a sip in it and the remainders from the connectivity keep you to remain hydrated.

Cons :

  • The only cons are high cost
  • But it is worth spending because the features of devices such as the compatibility with most devices such as on android and iOS platforms seek more attention.


  • If you want to stay hydrated forever then it will be a wise option for you. It is very essential to reach your hydration goals in your day to day life.
  1. Three Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water Bottle – The Largest Smart Water Bottle

Three Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water BottleSo far, we are discussed on smart compact water bottles, now someone may raise a question, Is the water bottles are available in compact use only for commercial use? Is there is any model available for travelers and tourists?

Here we are with an exclusive product for travelers. Introducing the exclusive Three drops of life 64oz Hydration tracking large sports water bottle. It is an optimum companion for peoples who are going for trekking and bike riders. There are some time interval marks shown in the bottle like 8 am, 10 am, 1 pm and goes on. This made travelers consume water two hours once.

This bottle is designed with Tritan and BPA materials which are non-toxic and keep the properties unchanged even when exposed to too cold or high hot environments.

some of the additional features can be experienced are

The large size bottle: Size itself a great advantage. It can easily meet hydration needs.

Cap: The cap is more reliable to cover and make drinking water easy in all common areas such as office, gym, etc., This ensures that your water won’t spill, even it falls from the greater altitude.

A safety rope: A rope string is an additional feature which able to carry this water bottle anywhere with a stylish look. You can easily hang it in your workplace to avoid the unexpected water spoilage around the working environment.


  • Highly useful when traveling to water scarcity areas and unavailability of clean water such as trekking to forest, and mountain.


  • A special carriage is required to carry this
  • Unable to sync with smart devices


  • This water bottle is ideal and can be used throughout the day without worrying about refilling. The highly spacious container is suitable to carry a large amount of water easily to tours and trekking.
  1.  Smart Water Bottle Cup– The Most Friendly

             When people are looking for smart and compact water bottles, some worries will stick to their taught, that Smart Water Bottle Cupwheater it is full fill the hydration goal of the day or not?  Now we are here with a smart solution to your problem. Our design is here to fulfill your extreme needs

The smart water bottle is designed more convenient for you to consume more water easily.

The thermosetting function keeps you to remain the hot or cold water as it is for a prolonged duration. The vacuum-sealed container restricts the escaping action on the hotness or coldness of the water present inside. By this feature, the hot water stays hot and the cold water stays cold.

The water bottle plays an intelligent role by the sensor equipped with it, by tracking the number of water remains inside the bottle. The sensor is operated by the battery to display the temperature of the water inside the container and to set the hydration goals to keep you hydrated by alerting to drink more water by the connectivity feature with your smartphone devices.

Let discuss some of the other major features too here,

Professional leak-proof seal:

The major requirement in a water bottle, that people are looking for is leak proof. Because most of the quantity of water is ruined out due to leakages. The bottle must be designed in order to arrest the spill of water during the travels made on speed breakers and bending areas. It must be able to carry along with our important document with much care.

Wireless charging system and long battery life:

When you are out of the home, it is difficult to charge your smart gadgets often. For that, you have to go in search of the power cord or power bank. Now, this model eradicates that too.  This bottle can also be used as a wireless charger for our gadgets like mobile phones, iPods, iPad, etc., This battery can last up to 24 hrs. of time.

Stainless steel design:

The stainless-steel material ensures high-grade food material with high quality and durable performance. The dirt in stainless steel material can be easily wiped out and cleaned easily. This material ensures the odorless smell for a long duration. By using the stainless-steel water bottle you can stay away from the water bottle getting corroded.

Pros :

  • This bottle can be easily connected with the smartphone to alert on our hydration levels.
  • The heavy strong materials are deployed in the manufacturing to ensure the strong quality and durability
  • The design of this bottle is easy to carry water, coffee, and even juices depending on the beverage we prefer to consume.
  • The alarm function enables us to made a caution to drink water frequently to avoid our human body dehydrated.

cons :

  • Limited quantity (500 ml)
  • Frequent refill required
  • Have to ensure that the water bottle was filled before our workout


  • This model will be highly convenient for people who are more conscious of keeping hydrating their bodies. The compact design is more comfortable to carry the bottle around for all activities like jogging, swimming, etc.

Points to Remember before selecting your water bottle:

What you are looking from the bottle:

This is the most important thing to consider before going to buying a smart water bottle. If you like to keep your body completely hydrated then choose the bottle which has multiple notification factors such as by light, sound, vibration, etc. If you looking for a lightweight bottle you can choose the bottles to expect thermos flask.

500 ml water

Have a brand conscious

There are many brands in the market for smart water bottles. There are some duplicate brands also there in the market looking forward to compensating with dummy features. So, we must aware before choosing the product. Use internet resources more to gather more information about this.

Give an ear to the review

Many peoples are previously consuming this product and register their opinion on this product as a review. If you can read the reviews of the product posted by the existing users then you can get an idea on the product. Reviewers will discuss each pros and cons elaborately in their feedback. By reading this, we can get a clear idea of its real features and functions.

Look for the smart water bottle that matches your money in your pocket.

Before looking to buy a smart water bottle, you must be clear that it fits in your budget. But don’t choose the cheapest water bottle simply without top features, because you are looking for a smart water bottle, so it is worth spending your money.

bisleri water company


Every person needs an individual quantity of water level based on their physique, BMI, and the day to day work carried out by them. This article completely around the calculation of the actual amount of water a person to be consumed. Choosing the best smart water bottles allows you to reach your specific hydration goals.

The comprehensive analysis made on the top 10 smart water bottles came up with many different reliable solutions to meet your hydration goals. Considering the features and pros and cons helps you as a compact guide for choosing the smart water bottle.

To choose the appropriate bottle for you, follow the comprehensive guide completely. You must consider the features of the water bottle which you seek to buy. No matter what you choose, but go for the ideal one which fulfills your needs and makes you happy.

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