Green Bell G-1008

                              THE TOP NAIL CLIPPERS

An interview with a podiatrist directs people to the best nail clippers to be used. From the past 5 years of research, the analysis gives the top nail clippers to be used, which was done with the help of a nail technician. These technicians were selected based on their experiences (who were considered to be the mother of one of the technicians).  After the analysis, we were very certain with the results that Green Bell G-1008 clippers are the Best ones. The reason why it is considered as the best one is due to its sharp blades which are more suitable to cut through the toenails and fingernails the same and it builds the quality excellently as indicated by their pleasant surprising heft.

Green Bell G-1008



It (harperton nail clipper set)is efferently designed to cut so cleanly that you need not have to file off the edges when you are with the cut. Even there is no built-in file that you want to built-in anyway. Another special thing is they have a steady and ergonomically sculpted body then other clippers have. It is cheaper when we compared it with other clippers and it gives us a good feeling when we use the best nail clippers. The former technician stated that” this clipper has a good weight and we can have good control over it and additional features are that we don’t have to tip around the edge to get a cleanout.”

  • Excellent sharpness! Hard nails effortlessly cut!
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Product size (130 × 38 × 22): L92mm
  • Mass: 61g
  • Material: Stainless steel cutlery

The reason for trusting them

To learn about the clippers, we should be in contact with the podiatrists and grooming experts. They will guide us to use the proper clippers and tell us how to use it. Based upon their opining, ratings, and review people are ready to buy.

After going through many articles, we understood the rate of clippers is less than the Drug stone clippers. When you confused which one to use. Please refer to some articles or contact podiatrists.

There are two types in drug stone clippers like standard thumb-sized with the foldable one and the plier like clippers with the long handles. Users must be more careful in choosing their clippers. Some of the people use both clippers for their toe and fingernails. IF you are with a thick toenail it is advisable to use the larger pair with more leverage. Some sets of pairs were dedicated to prone fungal infections. As people age, their toenails tend to dry out, thicken, and become more prone to developing fungal infections. Having a separate strong clipper for the toenails can make the job easier and avoid potential contamination of the fingernails with a clipper that might be carrying some fungal spores from the toenails.”

Characteristics for picking and testing

Based on the reviews, ratings and personal experience with the clippers we can conclude some of the characters like

  • have blades that are sharp and line up evenly
  • It should support the particular finger and toenails for each and every person

Some of the clippers are designed with the nail catcher which is considered unnecessary. This analysis was done after the 10 years of researching on Nail clippers. In 2014, A female tester used five different nail clippers like the Tweezer man Deluxe, Seki Edge, Feather PaRaDa, Kai 0718, and Mehaz 660—twice each on her fingernails and toenails, watching for the cut with which they work, whether all the nail clippings flew off or not, and how nails are felt to be trimmed. Next, this experiment was carried by the male tester to see all the characteristics are been satisfied by the men also or not.

Then this test was carried by a male tester, doing the same process by comparing each and every clipper’s performance.

So, we must be more careful in selecting the nail clippers. the selection must be based on the type of our nails not eh no of reviews and the ratings.




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