Ring Alarm (The Best Home Security System)

We prioritize (ring alarm system reviews) your safety more than anything.  So considering that we have done our in-depth research on home safety. We would like to refresh you with the best available security systems and intelligent locks for home safety in the current market. You can also reduce your energy consumption at home using smart bulbs and thermostats. When things are automated it is for our benefits and reduction of human effort, so we have picked gears that can make your life effortless.


Smart home security systems (ring alarm indoor security kit) are easy to install and you need not wait for help from the installation team. From our research, Ring Alarm is such an easily affordable and user-friendly smart security system for your home.  It has both options of self-monitoring as well as 24/7 professional monitoring. You can have an extra pair of eyes on your home from with the professional team monitoring. You don’t have to worry about long term contracts with Ring Alarm and no expensive fee for cancellation.


Ring Alarm



The Best Home Security System

If you are going for an affordable less expensive monitoring plan Ring Alarm professional monitoring is the best. The Ring alarm kit has a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and range extender. You can expand the security system with indoor and outdoor security cameras, doorbell cameras. In addition to this with new ring alarm accessories, you can detect smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding and freeze of pipe at home.

The good news is you can both arm and disarm the ring alarm with voice commands by connecting it to Alexa with a four-digit PIN. With “works with Ring program”, it is Z enabled and it is a hub with no other third party hub requirement. So the alarm can be integrated with third-party devices such as Yale, GE, Schlage and more.

Reason to trust our choice

Our writing is based on discussions we had with the police department, fire and safety department, home security department and insurance companies. We have tested multiple home security systems over the years and noted down the pros and cons of each device. We also got feedback from the company regarding the product experience of customers over the last 5 years. Filtering with all these data we have concluded our review here.


People who opt to go for these products

People who are worried about their safety and want to secure their belongings go for a ring alarm home security kit. This might not stop the activity of burglars but can discourage them from robbing a house with a security system. Security systems with help of add on sensors can alert is smoke, waterlogging, carbon monoxide or freezing pipes are detected.

You have two options in the security system – Professionally monitored and self-monitored. Professionally monitored alarms have a team who would get notification of any activity when you are out, they try to contact you and also alert emergency services if required. Self-monitored one needs your attention all the time, it’s completely your responsibility to check for any activity and let it be day or night you need to check notifications.

But professionally monitored systems require you to sign contracts with an applicable fee. They don’t provide the contract on a monthly basis, its always long term and you need to pay in advance for this term. No option is available to pay on a monthly basis. Still, professional monitoring is worth all this payment.

The base station is an important component of a home ring alarm system in the UK. The base station helps to communicate with sensors and smart components at home. Base station with wifi or cellular support has the advantage of connecting to sensors from anywhere in the home. Other accessories include contact sensors to alert if windows or doors are open, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and handy buttons to alert emergency service.

When it comes to installation we don’t recommend you to go for a professional team installation as they cost more. Whereas DIY systems offer no-contract professional monitoring plans. So it has its advantages over pro installed ones.

We also reviewed multiple products on Amazon, Yelp based on customer experience with their products. The products chosen were based on the following factors –

Live 247/7 monitoring: Sending us alerts if any motion is detected all the day, if you are not available in the city you can set to call emergency services if any doors or windows are open or any motion is detected at home.

Contact sensors: Door sensors and motion sensors are always the basic components of a home security system. Also, you can add accessories like smoke sensors, water sensors and cameras depending on the size of your home.

Loud and audible Alarm: Burglars always look for signs, a loud alarm is a sign of high safety. They know police can end up there as soon as possible when an alarm rings.

Battery backup provided: A home security system without a battery backup does not fulfill the purpose. So, most of the security systems come with a battery backup to ensure security even if power is not available.

Cellular connectivity: This is a safe option, in case of failure of Wifi connection due to any reason monitoring service can be still available.

Keypad use: Keypad is placed at the door, it arms and disarms the system when you enter or leave home. Also when you are away from home it helps to connect through a smartphone app.


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