The Best Apple watch stands and Charger

These chargers get called all sorts of things. To make them easier to compare, we’ve grouped them into four categories for consistency:

  1. charging cable has a USB plug on one end and a magnetic charging “puck” on the other that attaches to the underside of the Apple Watch. This is the type of charger that comes in the box when you buy an apple watch series 5 charger from Apple.
  2. stand is something that holds your Apple Watch upright or at an angle while the watch is charging but doesn’t have any electronics inside—it requires you to use a separate charging cable and to insert the puck into the stand.
  3. portable charger is a USB power bank that has a battery and a built-in charging puck so you can charge an Apple Watch without any cables.
  4. charging dock is like a stand but has a built-in charging puck and an attached power cable that plugs into the wall or a USB port.